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Greg Taranto

Welcome to Canonsburg Middle School!  

At Canonsburg Middle School (CMS), we take pride serving the Canon-McMillan Community.  Our mission is to provide a "whole" child education that provides diverse educational opportunities. In addition to a strong foundation in core subject areas (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies), all students will take courses in the Arts, Technology Education, Health & Physical Education, Problem-Solving, and Middle School Issues.  I encourage you to visit our Course Handbook to read more about our exciting programming opportunities.  

As we continue this rapid dive into an ever-changing technological world, the middle school continues to adapt to prepare our students for this new world.  Technology is integrated in most classrooms as well as courses dedicated to teaching students how to learn advanced functions of technology in the areas of coding and programming. Please take a moment to read about our nationally recognized Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS) course that all students take in eighth grade and our Innovation Studios courses that all students take while CMS: 

Coding is TOPS in Middle School AMLE Journal Article

Innovation Studios Article 

Teen vaping has rapidly increased over the past few years.  At CMS, we are doing our part to educate our students about the risks of vaping:

How Schools Can Help Students Understand the Risks of Vaping

Middle School is a fun and exciting time in a child's life but it is not without its challenges for adolescent (and their parents). Here are a few tips to help you navigate through this time:

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