Sadecky’s Puppets Entertained and Delighted Students at Muse Elementary

The Sadecky performers with their puppets

A special thank you goes out to the PTO for bringing the Sadecky Puppets to Muse Elementary today. After 39 years and performing over 24,000 shows for students all over Eastern and Midwestern USA, this is their final season. Muse Elementary was lucky enough to get a show from their final season! To be specific, according to their website their mission is,

“Sadecky's Puppets Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality educational and entertaining programs for children in the primary grade levels, to enlighten and enrich them in the arts and enhance their character education.”

They certainly did that with their new show about The Magic Book. From this show students learned about h ow much fun reading can be. The show’s actual synopsis can be found on their website below,

“Sean is not a fan of reading, until he comes across a mysterious book, from which the characters spring to life in front of his eyes. It’s a different story every time he opens the book, and soon Sean is more excited about reading than he’s ever been before.”

The students got excited with each new character that sprung from the book, ranging from well-known individuals like Willy Wonka to Harry Potter.

Thank you again to the PTO for bringing them and to the Sadecky Puppets for coming to Muse Elementary and creating a morning they’re sure to remember!

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