Seven Canon-Mac Students Complete Westinghouse Science Honors Institute

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Canon-McMillan School District is pleased to announce that during the 2019-2020 school year Canon McMillan High School had 7 juniors participate in the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute. Those students were: Hayley Bockius, William Helbling, Caroline McCaffrey, Mya Selby, Ava Szalla, Lorien Walker, and Cassie Wasco.


The Westinghouse Science Honors Institute consisted of 10 Saturday-morning lectures at Franklin Regional Middle School from October through March. Students who attended Westinghouse Science Honors Institute gain insight into various careers in engineering and science. The students were also given the opportunity to network with professionals in the "real world" and interact with students from different school districts. The students got  the opportunity to take an optional trip to tour the Penn State University Radiation Science and Engineering Center Breazeale nuclear reactor. All seven Canon-Mac participants received a Certificate of Completion. In order to receive the certificate students had to attend seven out of ten lectures or six out of ten lectures with a trip to Penn State.


Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mrs. Grace Lani attributes the success with this program largely to the teachers,

"Canon-McMillan always has a strong showing at this Institute and that is a tribute to the science teachers who believe in the program and recommend our students. Personally all four of my children attended based on a science teacher's recommendation.  All ended up with science majors and one is actually a nuclear engineer because of that field trip. Congratulations to all of these students who gave up a number of Saturdays to learn at the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute."

Congratulations again Hayley Bockius, William Helbling, Caroline McCaffrey, Mya Selby, Ava Szalla, Lorien Walker, and Cassie Wasco!

The Westinghouse Science Honors Institute is sponsored by Westinghouse Electric Company. For more information regarding the program,  email

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