Have The WCCF Match Your Donation to the C-M Horizon Foundation by making a donation on their Day of Giving Sept. 16.

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Posted On: Tuesday, September 7, 2021

You can help support The C-M Horizon Foundation Programs by donating to the Washington County Community Foundation Day of Giving on Thursday, September 16. The WCCF has the potential to double your donation to our own C-M Horizon Foundation.

The Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation focuses its funding on innovative programs that normally are the dreams of educators and students but are beyond the regular school district budget. This year added the extra dimension of COVID.  While some might look at the COVID experience as a total negative, the C-M Horizon Foundation believes it gave districts, educators and students the opportunity of looking at how education can take place.  There was a benefit in seeing how altered schedules, changed classroom spaces and limited personal contact could actually broaden our view of how we educate.  The Horizon Foundation has taken advantage of this time to review our programs and see what we can do to adjust to changes in education.   Here is a brief description of a few of the programs the Horizon Foundation has created and continued to support:

  • The Foundation combined with the Mac Pac organization last year in order to have a component that not only feeds the minds of C-M students in the classroom, but feeds the bodies of the students who are identified as being food insecure in their homes.  The program has supplied food over the weekends through an anonymous food distribution program on Fridays. .  The program was halted by COVID but will resume when all safety standards are met.  While deliveries were suspended, the staff reviewed the needs of families and how they can meet other food preparation needs in the homes. We intend to help meet those needs too.
  • Our Robots for Autism program has expanded from our first robot (Milo) to a second (Robin) that do amazing things to aid the District’s autism spectrum children.  The robots’ facial gestures, non-threatening responses, and the ability to do drill work with the students have been well received by parents, staff and students. The eye contact that the students make with the robots is surprising while students might not do the same with a human.  Other school districts have visited to see the work that is being done.  The Foundation continues to support the program by researching new software updates.
  • The Foundation has laid the groundwork for Ninth Grade CPR training.  The Foundation had set aside funding to train all 9th graders with professional CPR trainers for the 2020-2021 school year.  That plan has been moved to 2021-2022.  The students will become qualified to perform CPR and receive an identification card stating their successful completion.  The long term intent of the Horizon Foundation is to train every ninth grade class in CPR.  The Foundation feels that this program is an ultimate gift to the C-M community by adding 1600 CPR skilled students in the next four years. Who knows when they can save a life?
  • The list of support for programs is extensive and includes a reading nook at the Middle School and the creation of a Makerspace there.  Both the Student Store and many of the products that are sold there at the High School were funded by the local corporate donations to the Horizon Foundation.
  • The “Zoo in the Classroom” project brings the knowledge of the high school Zoology students and the animals that live in the lab directly to elementary classes who visit.  The sharing is amazing.  The high school students learn how to present their information to the younger students and both benefit from the experience.

The C-M Horizon Foundation would like to take advantage of the opportunities that the WCCF Day of Giving can give us with your help on Thursday, September 16, 2021. The support of the community will allow us to continue these programs and to add more.  Please use the following guidelines to help us gain the support of the Washington County Community Foundation by following these instructions and marking the Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation as your choice. According to their website

Washington County Community Foundation Logo"WCCF Gives is Washington County’s official community-wide day of giving.

Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on September 16, 2021, all gifts made to participating charities via www.wccfgives.org and all designated WCCF Gives check contributions received by 8 p.m. on that day will be increased by part of a $100,000 bonus pool.

The minimum contribution is only $25, but donors are welcome to give as much and to as many participating charities as they would like.

You can share in the excitement of this special event by supporting your favorite local charities through WCCF Gives."

The 2021 Gives Day check form is available to download HERE.

To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $6,600,000 in grants to local charities through WCCF Gives."

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